Our STARS of the Week!

TERM 4, 2013

Week 1

Congratulations to Thomas for being our first STAR OF THE WEEK for Term 4!

Thomas Star of the Week

Thomas is a very friendly and sweet boy who always comes to his Superstar Class with a big smile on his face and he puts a lot of effort into learning Mandarin. He loves performing Water Melon Tai Chi – he has mastered all the moves and phrases with confidence. Hen Hao Thomas!

Week 2

Congratulations to Alice from our Saturday morning Preschool Class!

Alice Star of the Week

This sweet girl has made fantastic progress in her confidence in speaking Mandarin! She loves to play the games and sing songs with her teacher Lisi. We are super proud of you! You look so cute as a princess. Hen Hao!

TERM 3, 2013

Week 2

BIG NEWS! Announcing our first ever SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK! Lyonel

Congratulations to Lyonel from our Saturday Level 1 Class. We are so proud of Lyonel and his efforts in his Mandarin language Learning. Lyonel’s teacher Daphne has noticed a significant improvement in his speaking skills!
Lyonel will be presented with a Mandarin Stars SUPER STAR Certificate. Well Done Lyonel!

Week 3

Announcing our STAR OF THE WEEK – BRAX!!!


How cute is this little man? Brax is in one of our Bubs & Tots Classes. This class is 100% immersion in the Mandarin Chinese Language.  Brax is a STAR because he is our youngest learner and he is full of endless energy. Brax has been busy learning colours with his teacher and his mum this term.  He loves playing with the parachute and the puppets. It is such a pleasure to welcome Brax and his mum Maria each week. Well done Brax, you are on your way to becoming a little global citizen!

Week 4

WOW! Look how at Samuel’s concentration! He is so cute and working so hard in writing Numbers in Mandarin! We are so proud of your Samuel. Keep up the great work! You are a STAR!

Samuel writing                                Samuel

This is one of our lovely Superstar students Samuel. He has been learning Mandarin with his brother Thomas in an After School Club. He is such a cheerful boy and he is our Star of the Week because his teacher Daphne was very impressed with his work in his Term 3 Mandarin Stars Workbook. Samuel is also very talented at doing Watermelon Tai Chi. Thank you for being such a hardworking student! Xie Xie!

Week 5

Congratulations to Vera who is our STAR OF THE WEEK!


Vera is in one of our superstar classes. She is now Trilingual because she speaks Romanian, English and now MANDARIN! Hen hao Vera!

It is a real pleasure to have Vera attending our classes because she always comes to class with a big smile on her face and she is a very diligent learner. She loves learning Mandarin so much that she often continues learning at home using Apps recommended by Mandarin Stars on her iPad. We applaud her enthusiasm for learning Mandarin!

Week 6

Congratulations to Jasmine from our Upper Riccarton Super Star Class!

Jasmine Star of the Week

Jasmine loves her Mandarin classes especially singing and playing games. She is a STAR because her confidence in speaking Mandarin has improved so much! You are a special girl and we are so proud of you Jasmine! Hen Hao!

Week 7


Ryan Star of the Week

Ryan has been making great progress with his Mandarin in our Native Class. His teacher Daphne said that he always puts 100% effort into his learning. Ryan is also such a polite, well mannered and friendly boy. It is a joy to have him as one of our students. Hen Bang Ryan! We are so proud of you!