Programs for Schools

We offer several programs for school, outlined below.

Mandarin Stars Language Clubs

All of our Mandarin classes for children can be offered as language clubs before/after school and as lunchtime clubs.

Mandarin Stars Incursions & Workshops for Schools

Our incursions and workshops for schools are the perfect opportunity to introduce the learning of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

The Mandarin Stars Incursions/ Workshops for Schools offer:

  • A 1-hour interactive and immersion-based Chinese workshop that will include music, movement, drama, role-play, arts and crafts, and basic language teaching. The sessions are a wonderful mixture of Chinese music and games, chopsticks, noodle making, calligraphy and so much more.
  • Workshops are suitable for all age groups at Primary School and are the perfect way to help schools celebrate festivals such as The Moon Festival, Chinese New Year and The Dragon Boat Festival.
  • The 1-hour workshops, which cater for a full class (up to 30 children), inclusive of all teaching materials.

Curricular/semi-curricular Mandarin Chinese classes for Schools

Our curricular/ semi-curricular Mandarin classes for schools include:

  • A structured offering allowing primary school children to learn Mandarin Chinese during school hours.
  • Either curricular/semi-curricular, depending on the school’s requirements.
  • Daily or weekly classes conducted by our Mandarin Stars trained and experienced teaching staff.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a program for your school, please contact us at for more information.