Meet Our Franchisees

Melissa Heyrick – Christchurch Franchisee

(Bachelor of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, Post Graduate Certificate in TESOL)

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Why did you decide to invest in a Mandarin Stars franchise through All Language Stars?

I decided to invest in a Mandarin Stars franchise through All Language Stars because I was looking for a fun and creative immersive Mandarin program that had proven learning results to support my young and active sons learning. My son is bilingual in English and Mandarin and I feel very passionate about providing an environment where my son can confidently and naturally move between his two cultures, his two languages, to celebrate the difference and diversity between his two cultures and most importantly to always feel proud of his identity as a Chinese and New Zealand child.

I was extremely impressed with the Mandarin Stars program because it has had significant success in Australia, it is known to be world leading in the field of second language learning, it is supported by leading educators in second language learning, and most importantly it is loved by both parents and children. The curriculum and the strong learning content has been developed by experienced educator’s and bilingual teaching staff, it is modern and taught in a caring, fun, interactive and creative environment using elements such as craft, music, dance, puppet theatre, sensory items, ICT, games and storytelling. The children are immersed in the Mandarin language and the Chinese culture during the lessons.

I was very impressed with the philosophy and values of the Mandarin Stars program, where the aim is to instil a lifelong love for learning Mandarin, to create curiosity about the Chinese Culture, to nurture social cohesion and peace and acceptance of cultural and linguistic differences amongst our community. I strongly felt that their philosophy aligned with my philosophy and I wished to promote it.

As an experienced educator for ten years I had identified the importance and value of children learning a second language and the importance of the promotion of learning languages within our New Zealand community. I knew this was the right program to bring to New Zealand because we have a strong need for creative second language learning programs, a need for professionally and modern trained teachers, a need for more promotion and exposure of the benefits of learning a second language and I knew it would positively benefit my son and other New Zealand children in their ongoing learning and exposure of the Mandarin Language and Chinese culture now and in the future.

I feel extremely proud to be bringing this program to New Zealand children and families and I look forward to exposing your children to the joy of learning the Mandarin Language in a fun, engaging and creative way.


Iris Liu – Kogarah / Hurstville Franchisee


Why did you decide to invest in a Mandarin Stars franchise through All Language Stars?

I’ve been a teacher at Mandarin Stars for almost 4 years and it’s been a real pleasure working here. The program and methods of Mandarin Stars are the best and I really identify with their mission to teach Mandarin and Chinese culture to the wider community. I decided to invest in the franchise because I want to be a part of a fast growing business which has a very strong brand and is also full of integrity!

What do you love about teaching?

I love being able to share my knowledge with others, and take the opportunity to have a positive influence on my students. In particular, I loving see my students learn new things and succeed in the tasks that they attempt.

I am encouraged by my students’ progress and admire the way they overcome difficulties in their learning. I am also learning from my teaching, especially in hearing feedback from parents and children. They motivate me to improve my teaching skills.

Why do you like working with children?

Children are a joy to be around! They show you how to see the world in a different way, and also teach you to appreciate the little things in life. I really enjoy the moments when the children and I laugh together, play together, and chat together. This is because they are able to be themselves around me! Working with children is a lot of fun, and it is also very rewarding because I am educating, caring, and building good relationships with them.

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