Terms & Conditions


  • To enable our program to remain viable we need to have guidelines on refunds. This is because venue hire and the number of classes we run need to be arranged for an entire term. A request for a refund must be made in writing to Melissa Heyrick, Director, PO BOX 27272 Shirley, Christchurch 8052.
  • Please note that Mandarin Stars does not accept responsibility for participants’ non attendance of classes due to changes in personal circumstances or commitments during the term. While we will try our best to accommodate make up classes, credit will not be issued for classes not attended. Please make your enrolment decisions carefully.
  • If an individual class is cancelled due to instructor illness, emergency situations or a venue problem, we will encourage participants to take a make-up class. If this is not suitable for the participant, a credit or refund for that session will be offered.


  • If your child is unable to attend a class, make up classes may be available if we have had prior warning of non attendance. Make up classes do not carry over to the next term. We cannot guarantee there will be availability in all classes for a make up class. No credits are available for missed classes


  • We only take bookings for an entire term and our fees are structured this way. Unfortunately we cannot take casual bookings or pro-rata weeks you may be away. Please refer to our make up class policy for missed classes. All fees must be paid for prior to commencing the term. If you have difficulty paying the fees please discuss this with the Mandarin Stars administration as payment plans can be arranged in special circumstances.
  • Mandarin Stars reserves the right to cancel/recommend deferring an enrolment at anytime. A refund for any remaining classes that have already been pre-paid for will be provided in these cases.


1. All food handling and preparation requires the use of gloves and our teachers only serve food with tongs.

2. Where necessary, toys are disinfected after class/before a next session.

3. All toys are spray disinfected regularly throughout the term.

4. Our hired rooms are disinfected daily (as per Council requirements).

5. All equipment and toys are thoroughly mass-disinfected every term (usually every 10 weeks).

6. If your child is sick, please do not bring him/ her to playgroup as you not only risk infecting our teachers, but also other the other children, parents and carers.

Mandarin Stars Courtesy Rules:

1. In our classes for under 5’s or if a parent/carer is attending a class with their child, the role of the parent is to observe, support and praise one’s child as he/she is being engaged in the program.

2. In order to ensure that the children are not distracted and overwhelmed by the level of adult noise in the classroom, all parents should be sensitive to their own personal noise level.

3. Please remember to bring a quality piece of fruit to be shared with others.

4. Please respect that Mandarin Stars is strictly a nut-free zone.

5. Please remember to bring a water bottle to each class.

6. Only one adult should accompany each enrolled child in our under 5 classes. Special circumstances are considered- please discuss this with the administration staff via enrol@mandarinstars.com.au

7. Mandarin Stars reserves the right to cancel/recommend deferring an enrolment at anytime. In this case, a refund for any remaining classes that have already been prepaid will be provided.