Fees & Inclusions

Term Fees

Mandarin Stars: Toddler & Pre-School Class Fees

Our program for 1 to 5 year olds is offered across 3 classes (and priced) as follows:

  • Bubs to Tots Groups for children age 1 to 2 years (45 minute sessions only) = $20/class
  • Toddler Classes for children age 2 to 3 years = $20/hour class
  • Preschooler Classes for children age 3 to 5 years = $20/hour class

Mandarin SuperSTARS Fees:

  • The fees for our 1 hour Mandarin SuperSTARS sessions are $20/hour.
  • The fees for our NATIVE LEARNERS classes are $20/hour.
  • Note that prices for After School Language Clubs that are held on site at schools are subsidized- please contact us at enrol.christchurch@mandarinstars.co.nz to find out if Mandarin Stars runs a language club at your school and what the fee is.

Payment Options:

We accept payment by cheque or direct deposit to our bank account.

Please note: term fees must be paid before the start of term. Places are limited and we can only fully secure your child’s place once we have received payment.

Please make cheques payable to Mandarin Stars Pty Ltd.

For direct deposits and internet payments, please reference your payment with your child’s name.

Account Name and Bank details: can be found on your invoice.

For Credit Card Payments We Accept:

Access to the Mandarin Stars Activity Centre

Upon enrolment for the term, you will be able to access the online Mandarin Stars Activity Centre. Here you can access an abundance of material including:

  • Flashcards related to the themes taught for the term.
  • Sound/Voice recordings of the flashcards (This aids our non-background speaking parents so that they check their pronunciation).
  • Guides of useful phrases in Mandarin (with sound recordings) for parents to learn at home and at playgroup (This helps to support parents in developing their own Mandarin language skills and to foster our immersion approach in teaching our program).
  • Australian and Chinese nursery rhymes (with sound, translations and Pin Yin).
  • Traditional Chinese recipes shared by our wonderful teaching staff. The recipes that are shared with you are local to the provinces that our teachers come from.
  • A weekly Activity Sheet for you and your child to complete together. This is not intensive homework- we use these activities to reinforce the themes for the term.
  • The latest developments and research updates on bilingualism.
  • Newsbytes and reviews on recently published books about bilingualism.